Shakespeare Prequels!

Dinosaur Comics has got a great idea for a new series of books — Shakespeare Prequels!  I love it.   “It’ll be Hamlet, only he’s happy and well-adjusted, walking around saying ‘I certainly hope my father doesn’t get murdered!’ and then Ophelia says ‘Thats right, baby!  I, incidentally, plan to remain sane.” and then there’s IRONY!  Shakespeare fans love irony!   Don’t we just, though? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Shakespeare Prequels!

  1. Imagine Lear’s prequel, the romantic comedy 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Miserable Daughters. I’d like to see the scene in which Lear turns to Albany and smirks, “Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe.” (Look on her, her hips! her hips!)

    How about Henry IV, the beta version, about the young prince’s life as an embryo? Look Whose Gestating? The Zygote That Would Be King?

  2. (Oops, that should have been Henry VI. My apologies.)

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