Excuse Me While My Head Explodes, In The Good Way

http://www.thisisnottingham.co.uk/displayNode.jsp?nodeId=133942&command=displayContent&sourceNode=244910&contentPK=21111793&folderPk=103546&pNodeId=244911   Rufus Wainwright already does a killer version of Sonnet 29, so much so that I’ve been on a hunt for “sonnets to music” ever since. The article above links an interview with the man, where he says he’s working on a compilation of 9 sonnets (to debut in April, in Berlin) for a potential album. Does anybody mind if I quote myself?     (Thanks to listenerd for the link, which I almost passed over because it looks too random to be valuable….wrong! :))

4 thoughts on “Excuse Me While My Head Explodes, In The Good Way

  1. Rufus has already performed Sonnets 20 and 43 from the sonnets project he is currently working on. There are videos on youtube of both. Sonnet 20 is my particular favourite. Hope that you like them ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. amusings_bnl says:

    i absolutely love me some rufus.

  3. Bookworm Chic says:

    This is brilliant. Rufus and Shakespeare? In one magnificent package?

    I’ll join you in begging everyone’s pardon as my head explodes. *grin*

  4. Thanks pocket! I hunted them down, but alas they are video captured live from a performance, and the quality stinks :(. I guess I’ll have to wait for the album.

    (I long for the day when I say ‘album’ and somebody says ‘a what?’ At work recently the 23yr old office admin said that for her birthday she’d gotten a record player, and I stared blankly at her and asked “What the hell is a record player?” just to see what sort of reaction I’d get. I suppose that’s only funny if you know that I’ve got about 15 years on her and she should be the one asking me that :))

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