Yikes, I’ve been tagged.  The meme is “six unspectacular facts about myself”: 1) I don’t really care much for Shakespeare.   Nah, just kidding. 1) I watch pro-wrestling.  Always have.  Remind me to tell you all sometime about the match that had Shakespeare in it, and no I’m not kidding.  (See below) 2) I have just one sibling, a brother who lives in New Mexico. 3) My caffeinated beverage of choice is Diet Pepsi.  Never drink coffee, can’t stand the stuff.  At my day job last week when there was a particularly early breakfast meeting, I came in and saw that somebody had supplied bottles of Diet Pepsi along with the bagels. šŸ™‚ 4) My daily commute to the day job is 90 minutes – each way.  I drive to a train station, and then walk from the train station to the office.  I have a whole blog on the subject over at http://www.commutesmarter.com 5) I can solve a Rubik’s Cube on demand, but I’ve never read a book on how.  Well, that’s half true, I recently got one for Christmas and decided to start researching how to solve it for speed.  I also prefer to do Sudoku puzzles in pen, starting with the hardest ones I can find, and never write down those little cheating hint numbers.  If you don’t know for sure that 9 goes there, don’t write it down.   If I screw up a number I consider the puzzle failed and move on to a different one. 6) I bite my nails.  Horrible habit.   Who can I tag, let’s see…..let’s tag Gedaly of  http://www.bardblog.com/, Main Man at http://narcolepticknights.blogspot.com/, Angela at http://www.angelaboration.com/, Craig at http://anothershakespeare.blogspot.com/, Christine at http://www.amusings.net/clg/  and …. hmmm….  oh what the heck let’s see if Alan wants to play at http://shakespearence.blogspot.com/.   ObligatoryShakespeareContent:  So there was this character whose gimmick was that he’d graduated Harvard, and was the only professional wrestler to do so.  Thus he was a “heel” (or bad guy), who wandered around telling people how much better he was than everybody else, because of the Harvard thing.  So he’s in a match with one of the old veterans, in what they call a “hardcore” match where a garbage can full of props is brought into the ring.  It’s not just steel chairs anymore.  Sure enough, out comes a complete human skeleton, which promptly gets shattered and goes flying.  Harvard man picks up the skull, stares at it, then gets down on one knee, holds it up and shouts “Alas, poor Yorick!”   And then the other guy smacked him with a leg bone. How can you not love it? šŸ™‚

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  1. Thanks for the tag, but I’m probably going to pass on this meme. Just started grad school (getting my MFA in Acting) and I’ve got a lot to blog about.

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