Citi Discontinues Sponsorship of Shakespeare On Boston Common When my inlaws told me this news today, I was surprised I’d missed it.  But, there it is — Citi will no longer sponsor Shakespeare in the Park for Boston.  The Shakespeare folks, however, say “The show will go on.”  Personally I hope it’s a good thing.  Citi Group never seemed interested in Shakespeare, they merely inherited it when they bought the Wang Center.  As we all know they tried to cut us down to a single week, but people got pissed enough that it went back up to three weeks this year.  Maybe next season they can have a sponsor who doesn’t whine and cry poor about it all season?

2 thoughts on “Citi Discontinues Sponsorship of Shakespeare On Boston Common

  1. amusings_bnl says:

    From what I understand, based on all the reviews I’d read of this year’s show, I can’t say that I blame them.

    Why continue to sponsor something and be a benefactor of something that people seem to really dislike… everyone I know who went this year said it was horrid. It makes me sad… but…

    perhaps they can come perform on the rebel stage at winter island for cheap! heh. we’ll let them come.

  2. Nice to hear as we were going to cancel our credit card .

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