"Unusual" Facts about Mr. Shakespeare

http://onlineroom.blogspot.com/2008/09/unusualfactswilliamshakespeare.html I get a kick out of posting lists like this because it’s fun to look at how many a) are common knowledge and b) are not facts at all.  Like when it says “Few people realize…that Shakespeare acted in his own works.”  Really?  I’d be willing to wager that actually most people know that :). Was Henry VI Part 1 really Shakespeare’s first play? I always thought that Comedy of Errors had that honor.

2 thoughts on “"Unusual" Facts about Mr. Shakespeare

  1. The dating of Shakespeare’s plays is inexact. Most likely Comedy of Errors, 1H6, and Titus Andronicus were written around the same time (?1584) and one of them was probably his first play.

  2. Yah boo sucks – Two Gentleman of Verona followed by The Shrew then Henry VI part 2.

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