…Therefore I Am?

Today I’m wearing my Geek “mechanics” shirt, with the normal name patch over the left chest pocket reading “Geek.”  At work I’ve always gotten amused compliments, entirely from people who obviously know me and get it. Today I’m at the gas station filling up, and the attendant says, “Why does your shirt say Geek on it like that?” ….how do you answer that, briefly? I told him, “It’s a computer thing.”  I don’t expect he cared for a longer philosophical debate. UPDATE: Oops, I totally intended that post to go to my other, computer-specific blog.  I was going to delete this one for having no Shakespeare content, but then I figure it’s got Geek content, so it half counts 🙂

2 thoughts on “…Therefore I Am?

  1. I have always been fascinated by the word play in Love’s Labour’s Lost,” and having found my local libray had the book “The Great Feast of Languageis: In Love’s Labour’s Lost,” by William Carroll.
    I fell in love with the book and decided to get one for my library. Did I ever get a surprise. Two booksellers lised it; and I was amazed that a book published in 1976, 279pp would retail at $598.77. The other seller listed at a penny more, and they even require $3.99 shipping!

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