Folding Chair Theatre Presents : Cymbeline

[Normally I don’t do straight up press releases for shows, since any given Internet audience is going to be 90% of the time somewhere else in the world.  But as I told Stephanie, who sent it to me, the first thought that came to me was the pro-wrestling version of “folding chair”, namely something you hit your opponent with, and I thought conjured up some funny images of what stage combat might be like :)]   Folding Chair Classical Theatre proudly presents William Shakespeare’s CYMBELINE Performances October 9 – November 2, 2008 Folding Chair Classical Theatre will present CYMBELINE by William Shakespeare for a limited run, October 9 – November 2 at the 78th Street Theatre Lab. Folding Chair’s Artistic Director, Marcus Geduld, will direct.
CYMBELINE is an epic tale with everything: comedy, tragedy, a princess, long-lost brothers, thwarted lovers, valiant warriors, noble servants, an evil queen, a girl disguised as a boy, a scheming Italian, a snooty Frenchman, some Dutch guy with nothing to say, a sleeping potion, a severed head, a bare bosom (covered for the student matinee), divine intervention, an attack by the Roman Army, and a king just trying to make sense of it all. It is a rollicking, wild adventure with a cast of thousands. Or, to be precise, a cast of six. That’s right, a crack team of five Folding Chair vets (and one newbie) will take on the entire play, switching roles at lightning speed and bringing the play to life using only their wits, their skills, their long experience with Shakespeare, and maybe the occasional funny hat. Join us for all the humor, heartbreak and crazy plot twists of CYMBELINE.
Featured in the production are Lisa Blankenship, Gowan Campbell, Ian Gould*, Paul Edward Hope*, Karen Ogle*, and Josh Thelin*.
Five of the six actors appeared last March in Folding Chair’s critically acclaimed revival of Timberlake Wertenbaker’s OUR COUNTRY’S GOOD, also directed by Mr. Geduld. Back Stage called the production a “bracing revival…the entire cast delivers with passion and intelligence” and the New Theater Corps, the blog of PBS’s Theater Talk, called it “superbly directed and acted…a cast that will wow you”.
Two of the six appeared in June in Folding Chair’s equally acclaimed, sold-out revival of Michael Frayn’s BENEFACTORS, with Mr. Geduld again at the helm. raved “A wonderful production…I certainly will be going to see more of Folding Chair’s shows”.
About Folding Chair Classical Theatre
Now in its seventh year, Folding Chair Classical Theatre produces plays by Shakespeare, Ibsen, Chekhov, Aeschylus & other writers from past eras. They also produce modern adaptations of classic stories, plays based on historical events, and modern plays on their way to becoming classics. Folding Chair Classical Theatre Company is dedicated to performing classic drama with an emphasis on storytelling.
For further information about Folding Chair and its programs: Ticket Information DATES: October 9 – November 2, 2008 TIMES: Thurs – Sat @ 8:00 pm & Sun Oct. 26 & Nov. 2 @ 2pm THEATRE: 78th Street Theatre Lab 236 West 78th Street TICKETS: $18 RESERVATIONS: SmartTix (212) 868-4444 or *Member, AEA     An Equity-Approved Showcase

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