The Tempest, Act I Scene 1, by Geeklet

TheTempest, Act I Scene 1, by Katherine Remember a few weeks ago when I told the story of being at a hotel breakfast buffet and my 6yr old daughter presenting me with the picture she drew – of the opening scene from The Tempest?  I promised to get it scanned in, and here it is (the best I can do).  It’s too big to fit in my scanner so the edges are cropped a bit.  In the lower right corner you’ll see Miranda telling the sailors on the boat to "Come" to the island, where they will be safe. In the middle is their ship being tossed by the waves, and the faces sticking out the portal windows saying "Ok!"  I’m not sure if the red dots are more faces or if those are flames, but it’d be pretty cool if they were the latter, I’m not sure I ever told her that the ship was on fire. Also on the island with Miranda is her father Prospero.  It’s mostly cropped, but right up against the edge there you’ll see one of Prospero’s Books, which is hidden in a tree. Off to the left, unfortunately also cropped, is red Caliban, and up in the sky is Ariel.

One thought on “The Tempest, Act I Scene 1, by Geeklet

  1. amusings_bnl says:

    do you have photoshop? scan it in two pieces, and then bring them together in a new document and flatten the layers.

    it works out great.

    or — email me the two pieces and i’ll do it for you.

    have you gone to see the tempest at Salem State this week? now that you have a job offer accepted, money for tix can flow more freely? maybe?

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