Subway Shakespeare

What can I say? I love the idea. Of course I’ve never had to sit through it before, with no control over who does it, what they do, and so on, so maybe it’s somewhat annoying.  If a bunch of guys who looked equally likely to stick a knife in me did it, and then walked around passing a hat like they’d go ahead and take my wallet if I didn’t volunteer it, I might not be so crazy about the idea.

One thought on “Subway Shakespeare

  1. I have mixed feelings about it.
    There's a difference between being a 'street performer' (which I've been myself on occasion) and all of a sudden erupting into a performance of something in front of what amounts to a captive audience; its members having little recourse in the way of an option to simply pass by if they so choose. (Unless they want to switch to another packed car in transit, making their ride the more uncomfortable.) I dunno…

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