Free Book Giveaway – Hear My Soul Speak: Wedding Quotes by Shakespeare

Hi Everybody,
As you may have noticed, I wrote a book :).  It’s called Hear My Soul Speak: Wedding Quotations from Shakespeare. It’s a guidebook to quoting Shakespeare at weddings. I compiled a list of all the best quotes I could find that had positive (and sometimes humorous) thoughts on love, romance and marriage. They’re organized by how they might best be used – toasts, vows, father of the bride speech, and so on. Where necessary, they come with explanations (most notably the chapter on sonnet readings). 
It’s actually an e-book right now, that can be read on a Kindle or Apple device (although it’s easier to just say iPad, technically you can read iBooks on any of their devices). It’s also available in plain old PDF format, which can be read on any computer or laptop – and printed. I’m not trying to make a killing on it either, by the way – it costs between $5 and $8 USD, depending on which format you get.  All I’d really like to do, as far as that goes, is make enough to justify getting it printed for real.
The whole theory is that everybody goes to weddings at one point or another – either their own, or they’re a member of the wedding party, or a guest – and on such an occasion, people would like something nice and memorable, and maybe even romantic, to mark the occasion.  I really do think that most people would appreciate more Shakespeare if they simply recognized more Shakespeare. So, I’m filling a need.
Enough of that, you want to know how to get a free book! I need help getting the word out about my little project. I’ve got pretty good access to the Shakespeare fans, but the world of “people who need something to say at a wedding” is much, much larger than that. Right now my mission is to reach that second audience.
Between now and, oh, let’s say the end of Sunday September 26, 2010, I’ll send a PDF version of the book to anybody who meets the following criteria:

#1 comments on this post with a link to their own blog. Does not have to be a Shakespeare blog. Spreading the word far and wide is encouraged. Link is just so I know you have a blog and where to verify rule #2…
#2  Agrees, in good faith, to put up a blog post about the book, with a link.  Not asking you to pimp my book without reading it, you can post after you get it. Naturally you don’t have the book yet so I can’t hold you to it, hence “good faith”. But please keep this in mind if you run a baseball blog and are going to have trouble justifying wedding/Shakespeare content to your readers.
#3 I need a way to contact you, to send you the file. I’ll look on your blog for a Contact the Author link, but if you know I’m not going to find one then please followup your comment with email to [email protected] mentioning the giveaway, so I have your address.

Sound like a good deal?  I’m very sensitive to appearing too spammy or self-promotional (perhaps to my own detriment?) so hopefully I’ve made my case that this is really about getting more people to know and love Shakespeare.  If you want to help spread the message, then please leave a comment and write about my book on your own blog.  If you don’t have a blog of your own (or don’t particularly want my book), maybe I can beg some Facebook sharing or Twitter retweets?  There’s more than one way to spread the good words!

5 thoughts on “Free Book Giveaway – Hear My Soul Speak: Wedding Quotes by Shakespeare

  1. Duane, no need to send the PDF. I already bought the eBook and am planning to post a review shortly. I had meant to do this sooner, but you know how life and work can be so inconvenient for a blogger.

    I don't have a wedding coming up, but I enjoyed reading through it and geeking out on Shakespeare quotes with you. I have more to say, but I'll save it for the review.

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