Please Leave a Message. BEEEP.

Hi Everybody,

Just a quick administrative note that I’m going to be on a cruise ship for the next week with no laptop.  What tends to happen in these situations is that posts tip over to less than a couple days, and then when people want to have a discussion they can’t because spam moderation kicks in.

In anticipation of this I’ll be turning off the “moderation on old posts” switch for the week.  This means that all your posts should show up without my intervention. It also means that a couple of spam posts will probably slip through, so please ignore them. It seemed like a fair trade off.

Ok, that’s it for me. I’m not leaving until Sunday morning so you may spot me on the Twitter between now and then, but I wanted to get this note out while I still had access to something that could post.  While I’m gone feel free to browse the merchandise, maybe check out the book.  You know the deal. 🙂

See ya when I don’t get back, assuming I don’t get shipwrecked!

3 thoughts on “Please Leave a Message. BEEEP.

  1. Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the review! I'm planning to add a "Reviews" option to the site over at when I get a moment.

    Glad you liked it!

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