Shakespeare Slept Here

This is a little bit different, but the author wrote me a nice letter offering his piece Nights In the Past, about staying in places where Shakespeare stayed.
“What what what?” you say, “That’s ridiculous, there’s certainly no definitive record of such things.”
Well, true. And that’s why I think the article merits a little credit, because that’s exactly what it’s about. The opening line of the article, in fact, sets exactly that tone:

It is always important to place emphasis on the adjective “reputed” when referring to events where no written documentation remains – if, indeed, any documentation was ever made in the first place.

(Is anybody else seeing really bad extended-character-set mapping? I’ve got little question marks all over the screen on my Mac.)
Anyway, yes it’s an ad, no I’m not reimbursed one way or the other nor is it a sponsor or anything. I just thought that there is actual information in it, couched in the appropriate amount of context. He could easily have said “Shakespeare came up with the idea for Midsummer Night’s Dream here,” but he doesn’t, and for that respect for our favorite topic, I give the author credit.

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