My Mini Macbeth

Haven’t told a kid story in awhile. Turns out my 4yr old boy may be the biggest geeklet of them all.

Over the weekend, he was trying to figure out when he had school again. “Do I have school today?”

“No,” I said, this being Saturday, “not today.”

Him: “Tomorrow?”

Me: “Nope, not tomorrow either.”

Him: “Tomorrow and tomorrow?” That’s his way of saying “two days from now.”

Me: “Not quite. One more day.” He actually has Monday off as well as Sunday.

Him: “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow?”

Me:”Creeps in this petty pace from day to day to the last syllable of recorded time.”

Him: “….What?”

Me: “Macbeth. That’s a line from Macbeth you just recited.”

Him: “….ELIZABETH!” His sister is seated next to him at the breakfast table. “When I said Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow THAT WAS FROM MACBETH!”

He’s also gotten into the habit of making his elders feel stupid. The other day he runs up to his grandmother (my wife’s mother) and says, “To be or not to be, Gammie! Do you know who said that?”

“Was it Macbeth?” she asks.

“No, Gammie, it wasn’t *Macbeth*,” he says, “It was Hamlet!” And then runs off. He does this to his preschool teachers as well.

Drive-by 4yr old Shakespeare. I couldn’t be more proud.

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