Theme Song Shakespeare : The Britainy Hillbillies

Somehow the other day, Bardfilm and I got onto the subject of the Golden Girls.  Remember that show?  It wasn’t long before we were singing the theme song (luckily over instant message so one one had to hear such a thing), and it wasn’t long after that that we started inserting the theme songs into random Shakespearean situations.  Thus was born our new game..

Theme Song Shakespeare!
Entry #1 : The Britainy Hillbilles, by Bardfilm

Come and listen to my story ’bout a king named Lear–
A crazy British monarch well-stricken up in years.
“Daughters, what can you say to show you love the king?”
Cordelia spoke up and said, “Daddy—nothing.” 

Nothing? Nothing will come of nothing. 

Well, the next thing you know, old Lear’s out on the heath.
Regan said, “Now, that’s a big relief!
But I think that our Lord Gloucester’s trying to help out that guy.”
So she and hubby Cornwall plucked out both his eyes. 

Oh, that vile, vile jelly. 

Well, now it’s time to say goodbye to Lear and all his kids.
They’re mostly lying dead on stage, done in by what they did.
You’re all invited back next week to this locality
To have another helping of Shakespeare’n tragedy. 

Swimming pools—with Ophelia drowned in them—movie stars—betrayed by their own ambition.

Obviously these are much longer than our usual games and not the sort of thing where we can put together 20 of them in one post.  Look for more coming soon!

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