Ooo! Oooo!! Teller’s Doing The Tempest!

Show of hands, who recognizes the magician duo Penn & Teller?

Ok, who knew that Teller is a Shakespeare scholar who has already directed Macbeth?

I just found out that he’s doing The Tempest this summer. I wonder if it will be filmed like the Macbeth was?  I’ll have to keep an eye on the calendar and see if I can’t get to this one.

The fascinating thing about Teller’s stage productions, if you hadn’t guessed, is that they include actual magic into the production. Which would explain why he started with Macbeth, of course, and why he’s tackling The Tempest next.

What other Shakespeare play should be on his hit list?  Something with more ghosts?  Or maybe something with fairies?  He obviously likes to work with the dark stuff (the article quotes him as going for a “dark kind of sideshow” vibe with his conjoined twin Caliban).  Has anybody done a dark Midsummer?

One thought on “Ooo! Oooo!! Teller’s Doing The Tempest!

  1. If you haven't yet, head to (Penn Jillette's podcast) and listen to episode 51, Teller speaks. Teller goes into detail on how he's approaching "The Tempest," and gives specifics about what we can expect to see. I think it has the potential to be nothing short of amazing.

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