There’s a new King Lear film on the horizon…

Lately I’ve been in touch with Alexander Barnett about his new film version of King Lear that’s nearing completion (for release in 2015). I don’t know much about it, though he has been doing a great job of putting out plenty of what I guess I’ll call “work in progress” updates?  The casting and the visuals look excellent.

When is the last time we got a Lear film? Was it Sir Ian’s version back in 2008? There’s been rumors of both Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins as far back as 2009, but I can’t find any up to date information.  IMDB lists the Pacino version as “in development” but there’s plenty of projects listed in that status that never see the light of day.
If you’ve got any questions for Mr. Barnett please post them here or send them along directly to me, perhaps we can get some Q & A going?

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