Another Victim..err, I Mean, Follower

I mentioned recently that I’ve been taking steps to decorate my life with Shakespeare.  By that I mean, not just keeping all my fun stuff piled in a corner at home, but having stuff about me that will allow strangers to strike up a conversation.

I know I posted this on Twitter, but can’t remember if I updated you all with an image of what my computer looks like now:

(Yes, that is my daughter’s Barbie hanging out next to it.) Two people have already asked whether I could have made the Hamlet work so that he was contemplating the Apple, but I think it’s too big to make that effect work. Instead I positioned him to look like he’d just taken a chunk out of the Apple.  The real question is whether my ironic Lion King imagery comes through? 🙂

So this is the computer I carry around with me at the new office.  Today after a meeting, one of my coworkers who I have not really had a conversation with asked me if I was a fan of Shakespeare, which of course struck up the usual conversation.

Did I ever tell you my rule about asking me Shakespeare questions? I always tell new people, once you get me talking about Shakespeare, seriously, don’t feel bad about just walking away. Because I will not stop.

In the span of the next maybe 3 minutes we covered Commonwealth Shakespeare in the Park, Twelfth Night, Lear, how they handled the nude scene (he asked), how they handled the storm, The Tempest, why it is first in the folio but pretty much the last thing he wrote and how depending on which angle you take it tells you entirely different things about the play and the playwright (which, by the way, I might have to make a blog post about because I never really considered that before), Anne Hathaway (both the actress and Shakespeare’s wife), and Penn and Teller.

At this point the poor guy is sitting back down at his desk but I’m walking distance from him so I keep circling back to add something I just thought of.  After doing that two or three times I finally force myself to shut up because he probably doesn’t care about half the stuff I’m telling him at this point.

In other words it was awesome and I would do that a dozen times a day if people approached me :).

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One thought on “Another Victim..err, I Mean, Follower

  1. Story of my life…except for kids. THEY love to hear stories of Elizabethan England, Shakespeare, etc. I'm always very careful to just give facts, because I don't want to feed unscholarly approaches (or feed the trolls/antiStratfordians).

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