Who Is Natalie Richardson?

This is a bit of a silly topic for a post, but I’m intrigued.

Sometimes I’ll cruise through the “Shakespeare” credits on IMDB to see what kind of movies are coming up. There’s always a large selection of shorts and indie movies being generated but every now and then you see a star-studded one to watch, so I’ll often just open up a bunch of them and scan through the credits to see what’s interesting.

We’ve got several Hamlets, Macbeths and Love’s Labour’s Losts coming (odd, that last one).  A Lear, a Measure for Measure, a Taming of the Shrew, a Twelfth Night and … wait a second.

I’m looking at the credits for Measure for Measure to see if I recognize anybody. I don’t.  But something looks familiar.  Natalie Richardson.  Getting a weird sense of deja vu…

That’s because she’s also in the upcoming Twelfth Night.

Now I’m curious. I check her bio and I see that she’s got a Macbeth to her credit as well – last year. And those three Shakespeare credits are literally the only things in her bio.

Part of a series, perhaps? Is there a production group out there that is doing all the works?  Not at all, as far as I can tell. They are completely unrelated, except for this woman. This mystery woman just appeared in three back to back unrelated Shakespeare movies.  How can we let that go?

I really, really want to interview this woman now.  There’s got to be some connection between these production. I’m dying to see what she’s going to do for her fourth IMDB credit! Hey, it’s a small world, maybe somebody out there even knows exactly who we’re talking about?

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