Geeklet’s Golden Ear

Portia, in Merchant of VeniceBeen awhile since I had a good geeklet story to tell.  I come home from work today and my middle daughter says, “Daddy, my math teacher was dropping these Shakespeare quotes all over the place today.”

“Cool.  I like him.”

“I know, but I was, like, the only one that recognized them as Shakespeare.”

“Which quotes?”

“A bunch of stuff from Merchant of Venice, I think.”

“You recognized Merchant of Venice quotes?”

“I dunno, they kind of sounded like they came from Merchant of Venice.”

As far as I know my daughter’s never actually read Merchant of Venice. But now I’m curious if her teacher threw out a “quality of mercy is not strained,” I think that one’s got higher odds than “if you prick us do we not bleed.”

I did not ask, but last week my daughter was on a field trip to the Museum of Fine Arts and told me that one of her teachers drove her crazy all day by doing things like coming up behind her and whispering, “I see dead people!” or waiting until they were in a room with a statue of a naked guy and saying, “The guide book says there’s supposed to be a picture of a full moon in here, can anybody find it?”  I hope it’s the same guy.

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