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I love Shakespeare merchandise. A long time ago I came up with the term “decorating your life” with the things you love. This is kind of like my introvert’s version of manifesting — when people into my sphere of influence they see the Shakespeare and presto, we’ve got something to talk about. I make new friends all the time this way.

I’ve even got some of my own merchandise. After all, you’ve got to rep the product, right? When my daughter speaks at a conference in Detroit this fall, I’m hoping to adorn her in Shakespeare Geekery.

But it is very rare indeed that I find myself in possession of Shakespeare Geek merchandise that I did not make. Check out what Bardfilm got me for my birthday!

A hydroflask with my name on it!
It’s a real one, too! Not a cheap knockoff!

He’s too good to me. It turns out that the Hydroflask people have a very extensive customization option, and boy, did we cover all the options. You pick the size, the cap, the color, the color of the cap, the color of the boot, and what you want to be written on it. We looked at Yeti, which does have similar, but they didn’t seem to have the same options when it came to the straw cap that I prefer. Yeti does offer uploadable graphics, though.

I love it. I never really considered the “boot” on the bottom, but now that it’s here, I know what Shakespeare meant by saying, “The empty vessel makes the loudest sound.” Have you ever knocked over a metal water bottle on a marble counter? It’s enough to wake the dead. Not anymore! It’s like a ninja water bottle. Nobody hears me coming.

Thanks again to Bardfilm for his generosity. We recently discovered that KJ and I have “known each other” since 2009, when we referenced each other’s blog posts. He’s a kind and generous man who knows way more about Shakespeare than I do. If you’ve read this far, you should immediately check out his site. Kindness should be rewarded.

P.S. – This really does come at the perfect time. At work, we have one of those cool Bevi machines that allow you to create customized water. Lately, I’ve been making caffeinated, sweetened black cherry seltzer. I also found out that you should not put 32oz of seltzer in a garden-variety plastic water bottle — that thing starts bursting at the seams on me. I’d come back to my desk to find my bottle sitting in a puddle of its own making. I don’t expect this new metal one to suffer from such a problem.

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