To Sleep Perchance To Meme

Shakespeare Geek Original Designs

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When the meme magic strikes, you can kiss sleep goodbye faster than a cat video goes viral. It’s like your brain decides to host a late-night comedy show, and the only audience is you, yourself, and the glow of your phone. Counting sheep? Nah, you’re too busy counting likes and shares in your personal meme dreamland.

The Sandman must be on vacation because the only sand you’re seeing is in the hourglass ticking away as you craft the comedic masterpiece that just can’t wait until morning. Ever thought about putting a “Do Not Disturb: Meme Genius at Work” sign on your bedroom door? Maybe you should – your sleepless nights are fueled by a relentless pursuit of “meme”-entary brilliance that’s just too funny to hit the snooze button on.

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