Who Killed Christopher Marlowe?

The New York Review of Books: Who Killed Christopher Marlowe?:

Ooooo, I wish I had time to sit and digest this all right now. It’s so rare that you get good quality articles about Marlowe. And by Stephen Greenblatt no less (he of “Will in the World : How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare” fame).

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3 thoughts on “Who Killed Christopher Marlowe?

  1. Here’s the thing,I’ve got an english project on this guy, this Marlowe fellow,and I want to know precisely how he died,and who killed him. can you recommend me a reliable source? you are Tht Shekespeare Geek after all.

  2. What I can do is bump you up to the top of the queue and see what my audience has to offer. Check the front page for a new article…

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