Ten Unpopular Opinions

I’m sorry that I almost missed Cesario’s blog post entitled “Ten Unpopular Opinions : The Shakespeare Edition.”  She posted it a few days ago and I am very behind.  The list is funny — Titus Andronicus as a farce that should be played like a Monty Python skit?  “Claudio and Hero — so doomed.”    But it also shows a deep understanding of Shakespeare, making leaps that many people would not dare make because they’re simply not the common thinking (hence unpopular opinions, I suppose).  “The Macbeths have the best marriage in all Shakespeare.”  “Shylock is not the hero of Merchant of Venice.”  “Lear’s Fool is a subject relative experienced only by Lear himself.”  I mean, you can pick any of them and have discussion all night long.  Great stuff.  

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2 thoughts on “Ten Unpopular Opinions

  1. Hey! Thanks for the link to my blog! It’s drawn some cool discussion, but how in the world did you find me? Incidentally, I AM NOT A “HE” CESARIO IS A GIRL OMGWTF DIDN’T YOU READ THE PLAY. 😀

  2. Sorry Branwyn (fixed)! I haven’t read Twelfth Night in years and years. But yes I did ponder if I was getting the male/female thing right and fell back on the old “name ends with an o so it’s male” rule which obviously failed me :-/.

    I have a whole bunch of news filters (google, technorati, delicious, etc…) that watch for Shakespeare stuff. Glad I found your post!

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