And now, some hatin' on Harold Bloom

I love how eloquently contrasoma makes his point when paraphrasing Harold Bloom: “Hamlet” is the greatest thing ever. Fuckin’ seriously. You say “I know” but you don’t. Because you’re retarded. I’ll float the interesting idea of Hamlet being the first fictional character to create himself, but I won’t go anywhere with it. Instead I’ll devote half of this mess to verbatim quotation, throw my hands in the air and say “who can know what Hamlet means, since no mortal has ever matched his powers of cognition?” Achieve same effect by feeding your Shakespeare TA five pints of bitter. PS: I’m the greatest critic in teh world. It says so on the dustjacket. He then goes on to tear Bloom a new one, saying that “Bloom owes his readership better than retreat in the face of genius.”  

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