Methinks I’ve Become Predictable

I walk into our regular morning meeting and they’re apparently discussing, from what context I can gather, where you’d like to go when you retire.

“Probably just my house,” says one.

“Or your porch,” says the other.  “Be that You kids get off my lawn guy.”

“Probably,” the first one laughs.  “But I have a balcony, so, that’d be weird.”

I piped in, “You kids get off my balcony. No, seriously, what are you doing here, this is private property! Help, police!”

“That’d be pretty creepy,” agrees the first.

Romeo and Juliet, first draft,” I said.  “Romeo get off my balcony!”

“I KNEW YOU WERE GONNA MENTION ROMEO AND JULIET!” the first declares.  “We said balcony and I’m sitting here thinking, Duane’s gonna mention Romeo and Juliet, I’m surprised he hasn’t brought it up yet.”

Curses, they’re on to me!

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