Embracing Technology in the Classroom: One Professor’s Story

I like this story about innovative classroom technology on a number of levels. In college I studied technology for the classroom. So stories like this that touch on all the latest and greatest — RSS, blogs, wiki, Flickr, etc… — catch my attention. I think it’s all a good thing.

Why on this blog, though? Look at the project that is described:

Students selected a Shakespearean sonnet and conceptualized a digital presentation that conveyed a particular interpretation. Using PowerPoint, students divided the sonnet as they wished, selected images and music for their interpretation, and designed the layout. Some students interpreted the text with their families in mind, building family pictures into their presentation. On every level, Amtower said, the students were engaged.

Technology in the classroom? Cool. Technology being used to teach non technical subjects, like Shakespeare? Triple cool.

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