Shakespeare font?

I’ve got an art project I’m working on (a gift, really) and I need to do some text so that it looks like Shakespeare wrote it. I could probably go with any generic script-like font, but I’m geeky like that, I want to know that it looks like Shakespeare’s script, even if I’m the only one that recognizes it :).

I’d like to pretend that I have the time to learn enough calligraphy and get enough samples to fake it myself, but that’s not gonna happen. So now I’m on the hunt for a font I can pop into Microsoft Word or something and get something close. Anybody know of such a font that can save me all that hunting time? Thanks!

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3 thoughts on “Shakespeare font?

  1. It's a bit ridiculous to leave a comment on a five-year-old post, but nevertheless: JaneFan's recommendation is thoughtful, but unfortunately Walden's claim that their William Shakespeare typeface is "inspired by the hand of our great bard" is a stretch unless it's a loose resemblance. Shakespeare's surviving signatures show that he wrote in the secretary hand style, while the Walden script typeface is an italic hand — the latter was beginning to replace the former at the time, but while Elizabeth I wrote in italic, Will wrote in the older style. Shakespare is well known for using the italic long s in his signature, but the other letters are all secretary. The best secretary hand available is Elizabethan from P22.

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