Interactive TV Apps, Starting with Shakespeare

I love it. One of the great things about Shakespeare that many people forget is that his work is now in the public domain, and thus its often the first place people go for quality source material when they want to try something new. The BBC is at it again, this time with
Interactive TV Apps.

Known as “red button apps”, the four productions (Much Ado, Macbeth, Shrew, and Midsummer’s) will allow the viewer to view various scenes in original text, from a variety of angles, with the help of a glossary, interviews with the actors, and so on.

From the first paragraph, in a parenthetical note: “the productions…are part of a BBC initiative, dubbed “ShakespeaReTold”, that is designed to bring Shakespeare’s work to new audiences via TV, radio and the web).” Love it! I only wish that over here in the US we had a similar appreciation for the man.

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