The Tempest in Bermuda

I think some of us would like to hang out with this guy. Don Kramer may only be just another guy starting a business in the Bermuda insurance market, which sounds like a sleeper, but he’s named his company “Ariel”, a direct and deliberate reference to the Tempest.

He’s not even been particularly sneaky. This is his second business, you see – the first was indeed named Tempest, back in 1993.
Both companies are “property-catastrophe reinsurers”, whatever that means.

I like how simply the article (in a Bermuda newspaper) calls the Tempest “Bermuda based” as if that was agreed upon fact. ๐Ÿ™‚

What do you think — if Mr. Kramer had perhaps grown up in my generation, with today’s education, maybe he would be calling his companies Gilligan and Skipper?

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