What’s on your Shakespeare Wish List?

Tis the season, as they say, and I don’t have any time for political correctness. So let’s just assume that you’re going to soon celebrate some holiday that is traditionally a gift-giving occasion. Is there “Shakespeare stuff” on your list? Like what? Last year I got three books about Shakespeare — Garber, Greenblatt and Bloom. I’m still working my way through them :), so no books for me. Movies? Other geeky gadgety stuff? I have a bust of Shakespeare on my bookshelf.
So what other sort of Shakespeare stuff have you got, or do you want?

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2 thoughts on “What’s on your Shakespeare Wish List?

  1. In a perfect world, I would be able to find a monthly planner (approximately 8″ x 10″ or so) that would have Shakespeare quotes on each page and would have his portrait on the front. Gold edged pages would be nice, too. Oh, well.

  2. I did some poking around, couldn’t find anything. Seems like the kind of thing that could easily be made up using one of the PDF generators out there, maybe? Would it be as good if you printed out your own planner sheets and stuck them in a binder?

    Plenty of “journals”, by the way. Just no planners.

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