Do You Squidoo?

Is Squidoo the next big thing? Created by Seth Godin with the premise that “everybody is an expert in something”, Squidoo attempts to take all the best elements of the Web2.0 world (RSS, blogs, flickr, tags, etc…) and wrap it all in a user friendly, build-it-up-from-pieces way so that anybody with a desire to make a place for information on topic X can do so.

I know that most blog approaches, like this one I’m using, are limited in the “and what else can it do?” sense. For instance, if I find another RSS feed that I might want to include here, can I do it? I have yet to figure it out. And if I want to add some Links to a section on other Shakespeare sites, I have to go edit and publish the template by hand. Nasty. With Squidoo, everything is build into the dynamic GUI where you drag and drop sections around the page.

Naturally I’ve already hooked myself up: ShakespeareStuff. Tell me if you like it. Where would you normally visit – there (where they have an RSS feed back to here), or here? Why?

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