Preparing a Sonnet for Performance

Here’s something interesting — this blogger walks through Sonnet 138 in preparation for performance. He breaks down the scansion, picking out words that may not readily appear to break into the iambic form and figuring out the proper way to pronounce them. He even digs into when Shakespeare breaks the rhythm of the recitation and hints at why he might choose specific spots to do it (although most of them as “stick around for the next part of this series”). This is part 2, I never saw part 1 come up. But I’m glad I found it.

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One thought on “Preparing a Sonnet for Performance

  1. Hi. I keep coming across your site as I’m doing research for a conference paper on Shakespeare’s presence on blogs. May I have permission to cite your blog in my findings? If you’d like more information about the project, do let me know. Thank you! Erin (

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