Garrison Keillor demands sonnets for Mother’s Day – The Quad-City Times Newspaper Features:

When I saw “Write mom a sonnet for Mother’s Day” show up in my Google alerts I got an evil grin on my face, rubbed my hands together fiendishly and prepared to blast whatever article I found for surely thinking that a sonnet was little more than 12 lines of iambic pentameter and a rhyming couplet. I get there and see that the article is written by Garrison Keillor, who has a little bit more experience as a writer than I do. 🙂 There is no dissection of what a sonnet is all about. The article is essentially a smack in the side of the head to tell people “Your mother deserves something for Mother’s Day that shows how much you appreciate her, and there’s no excuse in the book good enough because with just pencil and paper you can make like Shakespeare.”
(His sample first line doesn’t really scan, but I think he was in it more for the punchy ending ;))

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