Prospero’s Altered Books

Ooooooo, pretty. Here’s the kind of site that defines why I run this sort of Shakespeare blog. In the movie Prospero’s Books (based of course on The Tempest), the director gave titles and content to the imaginary books. In the linked project, a bunch of artists got together to create the actual books. How cool is that?

Some of the cooler books include a compendium of board games (nice to think of that, if you’re going to be stranded on a dessert island) and a book of 36 plays. Anybody get the joke there? Everybody? Shakespeare is supposed to have written 37 plays, and The Tempest is supposed to be the last (although that is debatable by some, when you count how many more plays he collaborated on). So that book of 36 is supposed to represent Shakespeare’s work to that point. And, sure enough, there’s a W.S. on the cover.

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