Shakespeare Fanatics Quiz

Ok, here’s what I’m talking about.’s got another quiz up, this time loaded with advanced questions for us fanatics (although I think we could argue about whether knowing the Shakespearean source for Kurosawa’s “RAN” is all that advanced).

Be warned, though – you apparently don’t get your score at the end (I didn’t). So as you’re going through, keep track of your own. If I counted right there are 14 questions, and I got 8 right. Not my best work, but I prefer to get a little less than average score so I know I learned something :).
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One thought on “Shakespeare Fanatics Quiz

  1. Yeah, that was a tough quiz, though I surprised myself and got about 10 right. A couple of wild guesses. Nice blog Duane. I often enjoy noting the Shakespeare that pops up every day. I must confess that besides Shakespeare I’m also and avid Buffy fan & West Wing- you’d be surprised how often both those shows quote the Bard. I was particularly please when I heard the vampire Angel say: “There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so.” My favorite purple patch from my favorite play. I’ll have to give that sonnet guy a listen. How do you inbed those links into your blog? That’s a good idea. (I’m a blogging newbie, I guess you can tell.)

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