Shakespeare Audio : Gielgud reads the Sonnets?

The Internet Multicasting Service has some readings of Shakespeare available for listening, including Sir John Gielgud reading a 4 part series on the sonnets, and also excerpts from Mucho Ado and Julius Caesar. Normally I would love this, but the formats are primarily streaming, which I hate. If I can’t get it on MP3 and add it to my portable collection, it’s as if it doesn’t exist to me. But I figure others might not be quite so harsh.

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One thought on “Shakespeare Audio : Gielgud reads the Sonnets?

  1. I feel I ought to direct you here, as it is a free recording of Shakespeare’s Sonnets. (as MP3s!)

    Since I recorded them, however, I feel a sense of dread: If you hate them, (or, rather, my reading of them) please ignore them. If you do like them, also remember that being in the public domain, they are free for people to do what they like with, without any copyright issues.

    Hope you do like them – I certainly tried!

    Nice blog, by the way – wish I had found it before I started recording, it might have helped.

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