4 thoughts on “I present Lego Hamlet

  1. Ooooo, tempting. I’m about to run off for San Diego for a couple days, but once I get back I’ll see if I can get it on the plan. That sounds highly cool.

  2. BTW, think of LiveJournal syndicated feeds like an aggregator.

    People have “Friend” lists where they can see an aggregated view of other LJs and communities and feeds all in one place.

    LJ only retains the syndicated feed articles for about 2 weeks. Some feeds can attract a lot of discussion, others are relatively silent, but if people do comment on the feed, it’s lost after 2 weeks (unless you make a personal backup).

    I’ve got a lot of LJ readers, so keep an eye on LJ comments. I suspect most bloggers just ignore the syndicated feed.
    If you want to check if people are commenting, easiest way to see at a glance is to use a month view.

    http://syndicated.livejournal.com/riba_rambles/2006/10/ is mine, which I’m using because I know I’ve got comments so you can see the difference. Obviously, substitute your feed name for “riba_rambles” and you’ll have to update the month and year as needed.

  3. Great! I though I was the first one to come up with this concept. Guess not. I should've done mine sooner.

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