Shakespeare Classes at University of Washington

This looks interesting.  University of Washington’s “Educational Outreach” program is offering free courses over the net.  Interesting to us, that is, because they have two Shakespeare offerings:  Hamlet and Shakespeare’s Comedies. Haven’t had time to read them in depth yet, but I’ve got them bookmarked.   Something like this I wish came in a PDF, I find that I’m more likely to read things like this if I can print them out all nicely formatted.  I don’t like reading web pages for too long.  

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One thought on “Shakespeare Classes at University of Washington

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful site!!! I am and always have been a Shakespeare geek- born on April 23 and parents both Shakespearean actors. Corny huh?!
    One comment though… As far as reading the plays online… Go buy a book or go to library! Nothing beats holding the book in your hand as you read the bards word!!!!
    But still- one wonders- how many more plays might he have written if he'd had a laptop!!!

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