Shakespeare the Meerkat

Ok, I’ve known about Shakespeare the Meerkat for awhile, but never really saw any reason to post since I don’t follow the show.  For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, the Animal Planet television channel has a show called “Meerkat Manor” which is some sort of animal reality show.  They follow around like 40 meerkats and try to produce the documentary style footage up as dramatically as they can, like a mother meerkat defending the babies from predators, and so on.  One of them is named Shakespeare.  He’s apparently quite popular, with more than a few blogs on the subject.   Well now there’s something to post about.  Apparently season two of Meerkat Manor has started, and Shakespeare is missing.  Even the Today show picked up the story, but they don’t have a link up yet.  People are very upset.  The producers are being realistic about it – they’ve said themselves that they just don’t know what happened to him.  I think people forget that this is a show about animals tracked in the wild, so simply losing one is actually quite possible.  The producers assume that Shakespeare is dead and that they just haven’t found the body.

One thought on “Shakespeare the Meerkat

  1. Shakespeare is sadly most likely dead. A normal meerkat couldn't live in the condition that the kalahari is comprised of… But being a Fan of Shakespeare i know that he is no ordinary meerkat, the loyalty, strength, and perseverance isnt of a normal meerkat, a normal meerkat would have died from the puff adder but he made it through. In conclusion fromthe facts yes shakespeare is dead. Yet in my own mind he is alive still being his awesome self

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