The Shakespeare Chronicles

What’s almost as good as reading Shakespeare?  Reading books about Shakespeare.  Even better, novels about stuff having to do with Shakespeare.  The Shakespeare Chronicles is a new novel by James Boyle that’s released under Creative Commons.  Which, among other things, means that you can download it a piece at a time for free, or get the ebook for $1.50, or get the paperback from Amazon. Your choice! A novel that is part literary mystery, part historical detective story, built around an obsessive search for the true author of Shakespeare’s works. Stanley Quandary is a professor of English and a very ordinary man.  But then he starts to have the strangest and most realistic dreams, dreams that seem to solve one of the greatest mysteries of all time, to expose a conspiracy of silence that is over 400 years old.  They even suggest a way to win back his estranged wife. Of course, he might be going insane… Works for me!  Sounds a bit like The DaVinci Code for us Shakespeare geeks.  I’ve already downloaded my copy.  

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