Shakespeare Gifts?

UPDATED December 2010 – Check out the latest Guide to Gifts for Shakespeare Geeks!

Every year about this time there’s something Shakespearey on my christmas list — videos, books, little bobblehead action figures. This year I thought I’d see if I could get my wife a little something Shakespeare in return. She’s not the sort of fan I am. She’s not, in general, into the whole theatre/literature scene pretty much at all. So I’m a bit stumped about ideas. I’m looking for tips.

Jewelry is a clear choice, she’s a big fan of jewelry. But not something gimmicky like little Yorick skull earrings or something. Shakespeare’s Den has an interesting selection – I like the Moebius Strip bracelet, though I wish it was a better sonnet :). And the Romeo and Juliet pendant was nice. I just thought of something – she does wear a charm bracelet, it would be nice to put a little Shakespeare something on that. But alas it’s a gold bracelet and it seems like all of Shakespeare’s Den stuff is silver.
A nice piece of clothing would also be an option, but harder to come by without being gimmicky and having Shakespeare on it just for the sake of branding (like the ubiquitous tote bags, etc…) The sonnet scarf is a neat idea, but I’m not sure I love the design.
What else? Somewhere I can’t remember I saw an engraved R&J photo album which was nice (the wife’s big into memories and photo albums) but it was like $150, which struck me as a bit crazy for a photo album.
So, what else is out there? How do you put a little Shakespeare into somebody’s life?

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4 thoughts on “Shakespeare Gifts?

  1. Good idea Roger, though I wouldn’t know where to start with such a task.

    Coincidentally I’ve just recalled (because he told me) that my boss’s daughter designs custom jewelry. So I’ve sent him the spec for what I’m looking for. I’m curious to see if she’ll be able to pull it off. Surely not in time for Christmas, but it’ll be nice to know if I can get a custom designed piece of Shakespeare jewelry!

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