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I don’t really know much about SMB’s blog, but I think it’s worth a link.  It appears to be kids writing about Shakespeare: On the 19th October a lady named Fiona, from the Young Shakespeare Company came to act out for us The Twelfth Night. It starts off with a brother and a sister on a boat and they were shipwrecked. They thought they lost each other  but each saved themselves, they really missed each other… The categories mention “Year 6”, which is not a United States school designation, so I’m not really sure how old they are.  Is that like 6th grade, which would make them maybe 11 years old?  Regardless, I like to support such things.  They seem to be enjoying the experience and not writing things like “Ug, Julius Caesar, I hate this…” like I tend to see in most of the LiveJournal blogs I find :).  

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  1. Since it states Year 6, it should be an Australian production. Year 6 is the highest level for grammar school, which makes the kids 11 or 12 years.

  2. Actually, I believe it’s British. First off, the blog is “” and we also use year instead of grade. If I remember correctly from when I lived in the States, Year 6 is 7th grade.

  3. Year 6 is ages 10-11. It is indeed an English school (actually located in Herfordshire some fifteen miles or so to the North-West of London. I am a teacher (not English) at this school

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