Shakespeare's Atoms

I go back and forth over whether “Shakespeare geek” means “I’m a geek about Shakespeare stuff” or it means “I’m a geek who’s into Shakespeare.”  In support of the latter argument we have this link about calculating how many of Shakespeare’s atoms we inhale. Sure, the science is silly, but it’s geeky and it’s Shakespeare. “Breathe in, hold it there, enjoy the Shakespeare, breathe out.  Aaaah.  Repeat!” BONUS:  “So there’s also a little Buddha in all of us.”  

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One thought on “Shakespeare's Atoms

  1. I read “Shakespeare Geek” as someone who is a geek about Shakespeare stuff. It’s a title I would wear proudly. I don’t know if there’s much value to being a geek if it’s not for Shakespeare’s sake. But maybe we don’t have a choice.

    I have a similar issue with my blog title, “Shakespeare Teacher.” It’s not a blog about Shakespeare for Shakespeare teachers. It’s a blog about whatever I feel like posting. Shakespeare Teacher is just what I’m calling myself.

    Of course, there is a lot of Shakespeare stuff there, but only because I’m a Shakespeare geek.

    …in both senses, I guess.

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