Ten Ways To Say I Love You

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, have you gotten the gifts and arranged the flowers yet?  Don’t wait til the last minute to order the flowers, you’ll pay through the nose. As far as gifts go, Luxist has Ten Ways To Say I Love You, which is actually a box of gold-tipped chocolates accompanied by Shakespeare love quotes. If you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer, buy whatever chocolate you like and then head on over to Clusty where you can search for ‘love’ references in all of Shakespeare’s work and pick your favorite.  You’d better get started, though – there’s lots of them!  Luckily Clusty offers a nice categorized breakdown for your browsing pleasure. Personally I might go with something from Sonnet 153, which we spoke of previously.  I like that image of “my mistress’ eyes” being just the thing to rekindle Cupid’s fire.  

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