Shakespeare Geek's Holiday Week

Big week for celebrating silly holidays if you’re both a geek and a Shakespeare geek. Today is Pi Day.   Get it?  3/14?  Happy Pi Day, everybody! And tomorrow, of course, 3/15 is the Ides of March.  Beware! I should have planned to use my two floating holidays at work back to back.  I wonder if people would look at me funny?  You know, funnier than they usually do. (One of my children was born on August 24, and it crosses my brain everytime her birthday comes up that August is the 8th month and 8 evenly divides 24.  My oldest was born on 7/8, and my youngest was born on May 4, 2006.  If we lived in a country that did the dd/mm/yyyy thing he could have a truly geek 4/5/6 birthday.)  

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