OS X vs Vista : Now That's Geeky

http://digitalliving.cnet.co.uk/specials/0,39030785,49289872-1,00.htm Talk about pinging high on ye olde Shakespeare Geek meter!  Over on CNet UK we have a comparison of OS X (the Mac operating system, for those who are more Shakespeare and less geek :)) versus Vista, the latest offering from Microsoft.  The catch is that they’ve done it up as an “Elizabethan duel”, and by that they mean literally with actors and everything.  Their task is to “win the hand of the fair Maiden Mainstream, played as in olden times by the hairy bloke in the dress.” The comparison between the two is fairly light, focusing on security, performance and usability.  Who wins?  It doesn’t really matter, does it?  If you’re a fan of either operating system and your champion loses, you’ll cry foul.  But it’s still a fun, different way to do the review.  Especially for this crowd.  

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