The 778 Best Books of All Time As composed by, whoever they are.  Found via Mental Floss which lists several such lists.  So naturally the first thing I did was search them all for Shakespeare, who appears on only this one.  It’s so hard to measure because you have to ask what “book” means.  Is Hamlet a book?  Or only a certain version?  Are we talking about best loved, most read, most purchased? Anyway, the BluePyramid list is my new best friend because it includes Hamlet(#2), Macbeth(#42), King Lear (#49), Romeo and Juliet (#62), Henry V(#199), The Winter’s Tale (#304), The Tempest (#496), Othello (#530) and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (#581). Wait….Winter’s Tale?  That’s … different. Anyway, their list is apparently dynamically compiled based on people entering their own personal top 25 and then scoring accordingly, 1 point for position 25, 25 points for position 1.  So if you want to get Shakespeare an even better showing, go add your tuppence.

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