Macbeth: Who Wrote It?

This weekend I was away on vacation and I read something about Macbeth being attributed to Thomas Middleton instead of Shakespeare. I know about many of the plays in questionable authorship, but I didn’t know that Macbeth was one of them. When I got home and caught up on my newsfeeds I found another article suggesting that Shakespeare stole Macbeth from a Scottish monk named Andrew de Wyntoun.  The standard article follows, some historians show examples where the original looks similar to what Shakespeare wrote, and then a Shakespeare scholar presents the standard defense:  “Yes, we know that Shakespeare borrowed things, he admitted it freely. The point is that when he rewrote it, his version was much better than the original.”

2 thoughts on “Macbeth: Who Wrote It?

  1. Middleton certainly (well, maybe) ‘revised’ the play for a latter performance – usually the bad witches scenes are attributed to him (as if Shakey couldn’t write a bad line).
    People forget the ‘collaborative nature of playwriting – especially in Elizabethan England.
    Also the borrowing wasn’t borrowing – you HAD to use other people’s material – you were taught to do it in school – and beaten well and truly if you were so presumptuous as to do anything truly original!

  2. Anonymous says:

    how do u know that shakespear origonaly wrote the stories

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