Ummm..ouch, my brain. Is he right? In essence, if you make each letter of the alphabet equal to an arbitrary numeric combination (for instance a=1234, b=2345, c=3456…) then in an infinite number such as Pi (3.141592654….) you would not only eventually stumble across Romeo and Juliet, but you would also stumble across a version of the play where neither of the two end up dying. Is that right?  Kind of like the parallel universes theory, I suppose, expressed in infinite numbers.  That’s already got the geek side of my brain going and I’m plotting to go see if I can dig up some open source code that will generate the digits of pi one at a time so I can write something to look for the word “Romeo”. Update  I found what I was looking for, a widget that will turn the digits of pi into letters and let you search for words.  “Romeo” does not appear in the first 31million digits.  Not saying it’s not in there, of course.  It’s just a geeky gadget to play with.

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