A Magical Macbeth : Penn and Teller Do Shakespeare

Ok, this has the potential to be insanely cool, and I hope they film it.  Are you familiar with Penn and Teller?  They’re the magic act that’s famous, really, for three things:

  • It’s “the little guy who never talks, and the big guy who never shuts up.”  You know, those guys.
  • Part of their gimmick is “there’s no such thing as magic.  We’re con artists.”  Some of their popular tricks start with the premise “Look, we’re going to show you how it’s done”, and they do, and yet you still walk away not really sure how they did it.
  • They do a very violent show.  Lots of blood, bullets, knives.  Good stuff.

What could be more perfect than taking their talents for magic and illusion and bringing them to Shakespeare’s supernatural horror story?  To be fair, I should say that this appears to be Teller’s project – he’s the quiet one.  I don’t see much reference to it being a team effort, it’s just force of habit to refer to them as a set.   According to the essays they’re taking it very seriously – read all about the specifics of how they’re going to create the witches, what special effects they’re using to create vanishing blood, and even what Greenblatt thinks of their efforts. They’re setting up for a 2008 show in New Jersey (and Folger, I see – that could make for a road trip :)), which is why I said earlier I hope they film it.  Highly unlikely that I’m going to get to see it live.  

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